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Portable Surface Protection

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Life is full of messy things. Paint cans, potting soil, muddy boots, sandy sandals, wet raincoats, gardening tools, corrosive chemicals, wood stains, and so on. But these things still need to be transported, and sometimes stored. It's much easier to protect surfaces from these types of things than it is to clean surfaces after they come into contact. And that's where the surface protector tarp comes in!

Not Just For Rain

Generally when someone buys a tarp, they intend to protect something from the weather: rain, wind, sun, etc. Specialty tarps tend to buck this trend. A surface protector tarp is intended to protected various surfaces -- from the trunk of your car to the floor of your coat closet -- from the messy and potentially damaging items and materials that you put in those places.

Design Benefits

  • A surface protector tarp unfolds into a tarp with upright sides, which keep messes from spilling out onto the surface you're protecting.

  • Like other tarps, the tarp material itself is waterproof. However, the surface of tarps has some texture, which can allow mess to cling to it. To combat this, the product has a clear poly liner. This surface is easily rinsed or wiped clean when one is finished using the product.

  • The whole product folds up neatly when not in use for easy storage. It has a velcro strap to secure it.

  • Both ends of the product sport a convenient handle.

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