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The Magic of Mesh

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Consumers generally expect tarps to be waterproof. But are there reasons to buy a mesh tarp? They certainly don't keep things dry, and that is the primary purpose of most tarps. There are actually a number of reasons why someone would choose to buy a mesh tarp!

Covering a Load

There are two reasons why someone might cover something they are hauling in a truck: to keep it dry or to keep it in the truck. A mesh tarp won't help with that first reason, but it works great for the second. If you need to cover a truckload with a breathable cover, a mesh tarp is a great option.

Providing Shade

A mesh tarp is a fantastic choice if you need only partial shade from the sun. A canopy can block the sun fully, but sometimes that's overkill. Different mesh tarps block a different percentage of the sun. If someone knows how much light they wish to block, they can shop for the best mesh tarp for their situation.


Cutting the force of wind can be incredibly useful. One might think a solid tarp would be better at this, but a solid tarp will just catch the wind like a sail. A mesh tarp won't be blown about, but it will reduce the strength of gusts.

Privacy Screen

Just as the mesh material can block some sun and wind, it can also block line of sight. A mesh tarp could easily provide or enhance privacy. Perfect for yards or gardens.

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