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The Wonderful Drawstring Tarp

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Your yard will thank you! Purchasing a yard tarp may be one of the best decisions you make for lawn care and maintenance. They are an incredibly versatile product, being convenient for a multitude of tasks and projects as well as durable and reusable. But what is a yard tarp, and how can it be used, you ask?

What Is A Yard Tarp?

It couldn't be simpler: a tarp with a drawstring in the hem! In many other ways, it's the same as you'd expect from a standard tarp. It's waterproof. It can be used to cover things, whether to keep them dry, clean, or out of the sun. But it's also incredibly handy to haul something in because you can grab the drawstring and cinch the tarp closed like a bag!

How Can It Be Used?

Why, almost any way that you can think of!

  • Pile your raked leaves on the drawstring tarp, and you can cinch it closed to haul them off the lawn.

  • Discard the weeds you pull from your garden onto the tarp, along with any debris from trimming and pruning, and they're ready to be carried away.

  • Pile bits and bobs onto it from your current project of any sort: woodworking, carpentry, pottery, sculpting, refurbishing furniture, leathercraft, basket weaving, upcycling discarded objects, etc. Then cinch that tarp closed and your scraps are ready to be hauled to a trash receptacle.

  • Toss scraps and trash from a construction or renovation project onto your yard tarp to be hauled away at the end of the day.

  • Pull it over your barbecue grill and cinch it tight around the base to make an easy cover.

  • Cover yard furniture with it, pulling the drawstring and tying it off to keep it in place.

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