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Black Tufbell Clips

Attention, gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts! Secure your row covers and frost blankets with the ultimate ease and reliability – introducing Tufbell Clips!


Tufbell Clips are your go-to solution for fastening row covers, frost blankets, and greenhouse liners with precision and care. Say goodbye to loose edges and hello to superior plant protection!


Why are Tufbell Clips a must-have for your gardening toolkit?

1️⃣ Versatile Fastening: Tufbell Clips are designed to fasten securely around twine or wire, and can even be staked to the ground. They snap onto the edge of your material without causing any damage, ensuring a firm hold.

2️⃣ Easy to Use: With a simple snap-on design, Tufbell Clips make securing your covers effortless. Need to adjust? No problem! They unsnap just as easily, giving you flexibility and convenience.

3️⃣ Enhanced Frost Protection: For the best frost protection, use Tufbell Clips to hold the edge of your material firmly to the ground, creating a sealed barrier that keeps the cold out and the warmth in.

4️⃣ Perfect Pairing: Tufbell Clips are specially recommended for use with DIO-Betalon products (DT-550, DT-650, and 1500N), ensuring a perfect fit and maximum efficiency in your plant protection efforts.


Don't let your hard work go to waste with flimsy fasteners. Upgrade to Tufbell Clips today and experience the difference! Keep your plants safe, secure, and thriving with the unmatched reliability of Tufbell Clips.


Order now and give your garden the protection it deserves! 

Black Tufbell Clips

PriceFrom $26.90
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