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Waterproof and Water Resistant


Thank you for shopping at The Tarp Co.!

Defective Items
Our products are warrantied against manufacturer defects one year from the date of delivery. Items with confirmed defects are eligible for refund or free replacement.

If you suspect that your item is defective, please Contact Us with a description and photos of the suspected defect. We may request more information or additional photos. 

Photos and description of the defect not only aid us in assessing the possible defect, but they also provide us with information to address future quality control efforts at the factory. We appreciate the assistance that this information provides us in maintaining the high quality standards of our products.

Damage in Transit

We cannot guarantee the carrier that delivers your item will handle your package with care. 

If your package appears to be damaged at the time of delivery, you can use the carrier’s online claims process to report the damaged package. Inspection by a carrier representative may be required. You should have the option to submit photo documentation with your claim. Although photo documentation is not a requirement, providing photos can help the carrier resolve your claim more efficiently. 

If you are unable to submit a claim with the carrier directly, please Contact Us, and we will do our best to process a claim as sender of the package.

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