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Black & White Extra Heavy Duty Tarp & Load Cover

The Loadsaver is an extra heavy duty tarp designed for covering loads on the back of your pickup or flatbed. The tarp is built with a double-thick perimeter, one oversized grommet in each corner, and reinforced D-rings every 24 inches along all four sides. The tarp is black on the top and white on the bottom. 


Made of polyethylene, this tarp has the maximum amount of an ultraviolet-inhibiting (U.V.I.) additive in the HDPE threads and the LDPE coating, which allows it be more durable in direct sunlight than similar tarps.


While it is considered extra heavy duty for most applications, the Loadsaver is not recommended for extended (long-haul) commercial use as a hauling cover; for long-haul applications, a vinyl tarp is recommended instead.


The sizing is based on initial cut size; check the Approx. Finish Sizes list for more information.

Black & White Extra Heavy Duty Tarp & Load Cover

PriceFrom $55.98
    • D-rings every 24 inches
    • Oversized aluminum grommets in corners
    • Double-thick perimeter
    • Reinforced D-rings and grommets
    • Heavy duty 5mm rope in hem
    • 10X8 weave (10 threads of poly in one direction and 8 threads in the other direction per sq. in.)
    • 1600 denier HDPE threads, LDPE coating
    • Max. (5%) U.V.I. treatment
    • Approx. 13-14 mil thick
    • 7.07oz per sq. yard
  • Cut


    Finished Size

    8' x 10' 7'8" x 9'9"
    10' x 12' 9'8" x 11'9"
    12' x 14' 11'8" x 13'9"
    12' x 16' 11'8" x 15'9"
    12' x 18' 11'8" x 17'9"
    12' x 20' 11'8" x 19'9"
    12' x 22' 11'8" x 21'9"
    12' x 24' 11'8" x 23'9"
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