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12oz Dark Brown U.S. Made Canvas Tarps w/ Coated Brass Grommets

Step back in time with our Gold Line canvas tarps in dark brown – a nostalgic homage to the timeless charm of traditional American craftsmanship!


Crafted from high-quality cotton canvas in a rich dark brown hue, our tarps not only offer unmatched longevity and resilience but also seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Reminiscent of outdoor adventures of yesteryears, our canvas tarps evoke a sense of nostalgia and national pride.


While canvas tarps may not be suited for highway speeds, they're perfect for covering loads and protecting your belongings with a touch of vintage flair. With sturdy coated brass grommets providing ample securing points, our Gold Line tarps offer both practicality and a nostalgic nod to days gone by.


Plus, rest assured knowing our tarps are proudly made in America, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship. Treated to be water-repellent and mildew-resistant, our tarps guarantee your possessions stay safe and dry in any weather.


Don't settle for ordinary plastic tarps – elevate your outdoor experience with the classic charm and durability of our Gold Line dark brown canvas tarps, proudly made in America. Upgrade today and immerse yourself in the timeless nostalgia of traditional materials!


The sizing is based on initial cut size; check the Approx. Finish Sizes list for more information. Please note that weather can cause canvas to shrink and expand over time.

12oz Dark Brown U.S. Made Canvas Tarps w/ Coated Brass Grommets

PriceFrom $59.20
    • 100% single-filled duck canvas, industrial-rated
    • Treated to be water-repellent and mildew-resistant
    • 12oz per sq. yard before treatment, 18oz per sq. yard after treatment
    • Fabric-reinforced, rustproof, coated brass grommets every 3-4 feet along all sides
    • Weather can cause canvas to shrink and expand over time
  • Cut


    Finished Size

    5' x 7' 4'7"x6'6"
    6' x 8' 5'7"x7'6"
    7' x 9' 6'6"x8'7"
    8' x 10' 7'6"x9'6"
    8' x 12' 7'6"x11'6"
    8' x 14' 7'6"x13'6"
    9' x 12' 8'6"x11'6"
    10' x 12' 9'6"x11'6"
    10' x 14' 9'6"x13'6"
    10' x 16' 9'6"x15'6"
    10' x 18' 9'6"x17'6"
    10' x 20' 9'6"x19'6"
    12' x 12' 11'6"x11'6"
    12' x 14' 11'6"x13'6"
    12' x 16' 11'6"x15'6"
    12' x 18' 11'6"x17'6"
    12' x 20' 11'6"x19'6"
    12' x 24' 11'6"x23'6"
    14' x 16' 13'6"x15'6"
    14' x 18' 13'6"x17'6"
    14' x 20' 13'6"x19'6"
    14' x 24' 13'6"x23'6"
    15' x 30' 14'6"x29'6"
    16' x 18' 15'6"x17'6"
    16' x 20' 15'6"x19'6"
    16' x 24' 15'6"x23'6"
    18' x 20' 17'6"x19'6"
    20' x 20' 19'6"x19'6"
    20' x 30' 19'6"x29'6"
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