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Hunter Green Drawstring Yard Tarp

The Yard King is a multipurpose drawstring tarp. With a 1/4-inch drawstring built right into the hem, Drawstring tarp great for covering lawn equipment, patio furniture, bbq grills, and more because Drawstring tarp is able to cover an object completely, cinching around the bottom with the drawstring. Drawstring tarp also works wonderfully for hauling grass clippings, leaves, mulch, and the like. With an ultraviolet inhibitor (U.V.I.) additive, Drawstring tarp will last long enough to be used again and again!


This is a finish size product.

Hunter Green Drawstring Yard Tarp

PriceFrom $32.51
    • 1/4" drawstring built into the hem
    • 12X12 weave (12 threads of poly each direction per sq. in.)
    • 850 denier HDPE threads and an LDPE coating
    • 1% U.V.I. treatment in coating
    • Approximately 8-9 mil thick
    • Material is 4.1 ounces per sq. yard
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