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Green Poly Irrigation Dam Material with Loop

Watering crops in an arid environment can be troublesome. Flood irrigation is one solution which is both effective and cost-efficient. Irrigation dams allow you to direct the water in your irrigation ditch or canal where you want it to go. Each roll of irrigation dam material is cut from one piece of material, so there are no heat seals on the product that can fail. 


A loop (or sleeve) is sewn along one edge of the entire length of the roll, which can be cut to whatever widths are needed. The loop allows the use of a 2x4 or a pipe to secure the top of the dam at the surface. The rest of the dam will drape down into the ditch/canal and block the water.


The sizing is based on initial cut size; check the Approx. Finish Sizes list for the approximate finish size of the dam's depth measurement.

Green Poly Irrigation Dam Material with Loop

PriceFrom $109.78
    • 6" loop/sleeve sewn with double-needle chain stitch
    • 100% polyester thread, 4-5 stitches per inch
    • Made from one piece of material: no heat seal or seam
    • 10X10 weave (10 threads of poly each direction per sq. in.)
    • 1000 denier HDPE threads and an LDPE coating
    • Approximately 9 mil thick
    • Material is 4.1 ounces per sq. yard
    • Tensile strength: 160# x 160#
  • Cut
    Finish Size
    6' x 100' 5'4" Depth x 100’
    7’ x 100’ 6’4” Depth x 100’
    8’ x 100’ 7’4” Depth x 100’
    9’ x 100’ 8’4” Depth x 100’
    10’ x 100’ 9’4” Depth x 100’
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