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Galvanized Steel Spiral Hay Tarp Anchors

Attention, farmers and ranchers! Securely tarp your hay bales like never before with our top-of-the-line Hay Tarp Anchors!


Our Hay Tarp Anchors feature a clever loose spiral design, allowing you to effortlessly screw them into hay bales. These anchors provide the perfect point to secure your tarp covers, ensuring your hay stays protected from the elements.


Built for ultimate effectiveness, Hay Tarp Anchors work seamlessly with rubber tarp strapsrubber rope, or bungees. This unbeatable combination guarantees a snug, reliable fit that withstands wind, rain, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way.


Why choose Hay Tarp Anchors?

1️⃣ Easy to Use: Simply screw them into your hay bales – no tools required!

2️⃣ Secure Fit: The spiral design ensures a firm grip, preventing your tarp from shifting or blowing away.

3️⃣ Versatile: Perfectly paired with our durable tie-downs for maximum hold.

4️⃣ Weather-Resistant: Made to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, protecting your valuable hay all year round.


Don't leave your hay bales vulnerable! Ensure they stay dry and in prime condition with our Hay Tarp Anchors. Whether you're battling a sudden storm or just daily drip and drizzle at your farm, our anchors provide the dependable security you need.


Upgrade to our Hay Tarp Anchors today and experience the ultimate in hay protection. Keep your hay safe, dry, and ready to use whenever you need it. Choose quality, choose reliability, choose Hay Tarp Anchors! Order now and give your hay the protection it deserves!

Galvanized Steel Spiral Hay Tarp Anchors

PriceFrom $48.90
    • 5/16" galvanized steel wire
    • 16" length
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