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A coiled length of thick EPDM rubber rope is stacked vertically; a row of ten hooks are displayed to the right.

Get ready for the ultimate tie-down solution with our Rubber Rope & Hooks Combo Pack! Secure your cargo with confidence using our versatile 7/16-inch diameter solid core 100% EPDM Rubber Rope, paired with our durable Hard Temper Galvanized Steel Double-Eye Hooks.


Crafted in the USA from top-tier EPDM rubber, our Rubber Rope offers unparalleled strength, flexibility, and durability. Resistant to ozone and UV radiation, it outlasts traditional natural rubber by 5 to 20 times, ensuring longevity even in the harshest outdoor conditions.


Combine this superior Rubber Rope with our Hard Temper Galvanized Steel Double-Eye Hooks for custom-length tarp straps that provide the reliability and security you need. Made from 8-Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire, these SJ hooks boast a non-slip design, perfect for both quick setups and permanent attachments.


Our combo pack allows you to cut the Rubber Rope to any length you need, making it ideal for DIY tie-down solutions. Whether you're securing a tarp over your valuable cargo or protecting equipment, our combo pack ensures everything stays in place.


Remember, while our 100% EPDM Rubber Rope is incredibly durable, always secure your load separately with ratchet straps, chains, or other appropriate load tie-down methods before using the Rubber Rope to secure a tarp for added safety on the road.


Upgrade to this tarp tie-down combo pack today and experience the ultimate in durability, flexibility, and reliability. Don't settle for less – choose the best for your hauling needs!

Rubber Rope & Hooks Combo Pack

PriceFrom $139.59
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