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Set of 4 Heavy Duty Tarp Clip Fasteners

Get ready for the ultimate solution to your toughest clamping needs! Introducing our EasyKlip heavy-duty tarp clip fasteners – the powerhouse of all clips on the market. Stronger, larger, and more resilient than any other clip out there, our tarp clip fasteners are built for the most rugged applications. Need extra clamping strength? Look no further!


Engineered for durability, affordability, and effortless use, EasyKlip tarp clamps are a game-changer. With our patented wedge design, they're up to 5 times stronger than the competition. And here's the kicker – they grip tighter as you pull harder! Unlike other clips that rely on static pressure, ours adapt to your load. The heavier the load, the tighter the grip – ensuring unparalleled reliability every time.


Whether you're camping, farming, gardening, or setting up banners for trade shows, our tarp clip fasteners have got you covered. They're the go-to choice for marine, automotive, and any tough job you throw at them!


Say goodbye to flimsy clips and hello to unstoppable strength. Try EasyKlip tarp clip fasteners today and experience the difference for yourself!

Set of 4 Heavy Duty Tarp Clip Fasteners

PriceFrom $27.63
    • Load bearing up to 220 lbs
    • Easy to use: can install one-handed
    • Quick release mechanism
    • The heavier the load, the greater the grip
    • Holds tarps, banners, fabric, netting, and other textiles up to 1/4" thick
    • Made from PA6 (Nylon), a superior material for strength, longevity, and the weather
    • Temperature Range: -22° F to 200° F
    • Patented design
    • Manufactured in Sweden
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