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Set of 4 Looped Bungee Cords

Lock in your tarp with ease using our EasyKlip premium looped bungee cords – the ultimate companion to our EasyKlip tarp clip fasteners! Versatile and reliable, these high-quality bungee cords are a must-have for countless applications. From securing tarps to tackling various tasks, they're your go-to solution!


Choose from two sleek styles: sleek black looped bungees with stainless steel hooks for supreme outdoor durability, or sleek grey looped ball bungees for effortless use. With the stainless steel hook, enjoy extended longevity even in the harshest conditions. Prefer convenience? Opt for our ball-ended bungees – effortlessly secure them through the grommet of any standard tarp!


Don't settle for flimsy cords that won't hold up. Upgrade to our EasyKlip looped bungee cords today and experience unmatched strength and convenience!

Set of 4 Looped Bungee Cords

PriceFrom $23.89
  • Never stretch a bungee cord more than 50% beyond its relaxed length.

    For Example: an 8 inch bungee cord can be stretched to a maximum distance of 12 inches (half of 8 is 4, add those together to find the max).

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