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Black Surface Protector Tarp

Get ready to revolutionize your vehicle's protection with our Trunk Guard – the ultimate solution for keeping your trunk, pickup truck cab, or work van interior safe and clean!


Designed to tackle the toughest challenges, our Trunk Guard offers unbeatable protection against everything from plants and fertilizers to corrosive chemicals and muddy items. Whether you're hauling cargo or embarking on messy projects, our Trunk Guard has you covered – literally!


But wait – there's more! Our Trunk Guard isn't just for vehicle protection. It's a versatile companion that goes beyond the trunk. Use it as a shoe mat by the door to keep dirt out of your home, or transform it into a repotting station for your gardening endeavors. Need a paint mixing station? The Trunk Guard has you covered there too!


Plus, with its durable construction, our Trunk Guard doesn't stop at vehicle protection. It's also the perfect solution for safeguarding your carpet, wood, or cement floors from stains and damage. Don't let spills and messes ruin your workspace or storage – upgrade to our Trunk Guard today and enjoy peace of mind no matter what you're storing!

Why break the bank on a custom-fit solid rubber trunk liner when our Trunk Guard offers the same protection at a fraction of the price? Plus, it's foldable and easy to store when not in use, saving you space and hassle. Choose the affordable option without compromising on quality – choose our Trunk Guard today!


Finished Size is 38" x 25" x 4.5"

Black Surface Protector Tarp

PriceFrom $31.78
    • Heavy Duty 14 x 14 Weave Fabric
    • Coated for Super Durability
    • 3.1mil Clear Poly Liner for Leak Protection
    • 4.5" Upright Panels in All Four Sides
    • Sewn-On Handles & Hemmed Edge
    • Folds Securely with Velcro Straps for Storage
    • Acid, Mold and Mildew resistant
    • Hand-washable
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