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1500N Natural PVA Greenhouse Liner

DIO-Betalon is the replacement for the old Tufbell brand, renowned among organic farmers and gardeners for its ability to extend the growing season. Tufbell is no longer in production, but DIO-Betalon is produced with the same polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin, using the same machinery and technology that was used to produce Tufbell. 


PVA is very hygroscopic; that is, it attracts moisture. Therefore it absorbs dew and frost, protecting plants from freezing by retaining warmth at night. 


Because DIO-Betalon is made of natural, transparent PVA, the material transmits sufficient light to foster plant growth. Unlike lighter grades of DIO-Betalon, the 1500N is intended as a liner for greenhouses. 


DIO-Betalon can be reused for multiple growing seasons, as it is tough and durable. If it is damaged, it can be sewn with nylon thread to make repairs. PVA is highly resistant to ultraviolet degradation and has a high heat resistance, so it can be used for an extended period of time. 


This is a finish size product.

1500N Natural PVA Greenhouse Liner

PriceFrom $141.30
    • Breathable: 15% Porosity
    • Transparent: 85% Light Transmittance
    • Double-Thick Material
    • Reinforced with Nylon Threads
    • Highly Resistant to Ultraviolet Degradation
    • High Heat Resistance
    • 2m x 6.1m size ships with 8 free Tufbell clips!
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