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DT-550 Natural PVA Floating Row Cover

Calling all organic farmers and gardeners! Extend your growing season with the remarkable DIO-Betalon, the ultimate replacement for the legendary Tufbell!


DIO-Betalon carries on the tradition of excellence established by Tufbell. Made from the same high-quality polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin, using the same advanced machinery and technology, DIO-Betalon is here to keep your crops thriving.


What makes DIO-Betalon a must-have for your garden?

1️⃣ Moisture Master: PVA's hygroscopic properties mean it attracts and retains moisture, absorbing dew and frost to keep your plants warm and protected from freezing temperatures at night.

2️⃣ Light & Water Friendly: This transparent row cover transmits plenty of light to promote plant growth while allowing water to pass through effortlessly. No need to remove the cover for watering!

3️⃣ Lightweight & Easy to Handle: DIO-Betalon is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to cover your crops directly. Secure it with Tufbell Clips for worry-free anchoring.

4️⃣ Durable & Reusable: Tough and long-lasting, DIO-Betalon can be reused for multiple growing seasons. Even if it gets damaged, it can be easily repaired with nylon thread.

5️⃣ UV & Heat Resistant: Highly resistant to ultraviolet degradation and heat, DIO-Betalon ensures your plants are protected for extended periods.


Don't let the end of Tufbell leave your garden in the past. Buy DIO-Betalon and enjoy all the famous benefits of superior plant protection. Extend your growing season, safeguard your crops, and watch your garden flourish!


Order your DIO-Betalon today and experience the next generation of horticultural excellence! Keep your plants thriving, season after season, with the unmatched performance of DIO-Betalon.


This is a finish size product.

DT-550 Natural PVA Floating Row Cover

PriceFrom $97.43
    • Breathable: 45% Porosity
    • Transparent: 91% Light Transmittance
    • Double-Thick Material
    • Reinforced with Nylon Threads
    • Highly Resistant to Ultraviolet Degradation
    • High Heat Resistance
    • 2m x 6.1m and 3m x 6.1m sizes ship with 8 free Tufbell clips!
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