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White & Black Reversible Extra Heavy Duty Tarp

The Hay Cover is an extra heavy duty tarp that is reversible. Put the white side out if you want to reflect the sun's heat and keep things cool. Put the black side out and it will retain more heat. This tarp is popular for covering hay because blocking sunlight prevents. The Hay Cover has two options for securing the tarp in place: grommets on all sides, and web loops on the two longer sides. Hay tarp anchors are a convenient accessory for securing the tarp in place


Made of polyethylene, this tarp has the maximum amount of an ultraviolet-inhibiting (U.V.I.) additive in the HDPE threads and the LDPE coating, which allows it be more durable in direct sunlight than similar tarps.


The sizing is based on initial cut size; check the Approx. Finish Sizes list for more information.


When you need durable, long-lasting protection for your materials, equipment, and structures, you need a heavy duty tarp from TheTarpCo. We have a wide range of heavy duty tarps to choose from, perfect for a variety of commercial and agricultural applications.


What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Tarp


When choosing a heavy duty tarp, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Mesh count and thread strength: A heavy mesh count with an especially strong thread shaft will ensure that your tarp can withstand even the harshest conditions.
  • Fabric weight and denier: Heavy duty tarps should be heavy and dense to provide the best protection. Look for a tarp with a weight of at least 7.07oz and a thickness of at least 13-14 mils.
  • Weather resistance: Heavy duty tarps should be resistant to abrasions, grease, mildew, oil, acid, rot, and UV rays. They should also be防水.
  • Material: The best tarp material for you will depend on how you plan to use it. If you need extra durability and waterproofing, choose a heavy duty polyethylene tarp. If you need a strong yet breathable tarp, choose a heavy duty canvas tarp.

Heavy Duty Tarps for Any Application


TheTarpCo. offers a wide range of heavy duty tarps to meet the needs of any industry or application. Some of our most popular heavy duty tarps include:

  • Carport tarps: Our carport tarps are perfect for protecting your vehicles from the elements. They are made from durable materials that can withstand rain, snow, sun, and wind.
  • Greenhouse tarps: Our greenhouse tarps are ideal for creating a controlled environment for your plants. They are made from translucent materials that allow sunlight to pass through while protecting your plants from the wind and rain.
  • Trailer tarps: Our trailer tarps are perfect for protecting your cargo while on the road. They are made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand the elements and prevent your cargo from shifting.

Custom Heavy Duty Tarps


If you can't find the exact size or style of heavy duty tarp you need, don't worry! We offer custom tarp services to meet your specific needs. Simply contact our team and we will be happy to help you create the perfect tarp for your application.


Shop Our Selection of Heavy Duty Tarps Today


Shop our selection of heavy duty tarps today and find the perfect tarp for your needs. We offer fast shipping and the lowest price guarantee, so you can buy with confidence from TheTarpCo.

White & Black Reversible Extra Heavy Duty Tarp

PriceFrom $123.25
    • Aluminum grommets every 18 inches on all sides
    • Web loops every 36 inches on long sides
    • Sewn, reinforced corners
    • Heavy duty 5mm rope in hem
    • 10X8 weave (10 threads of poly in one direction and 8 threads in the other direction per sq. in.)
    • 1600 denier HDPE threads, LDPE coating
    • Max. (5%) U.V.I. treatment
    • Approx. 13-14 mil thick
    • 7.07oz per sq. yard
  • Cut


    Finished Size

    12' x 30' 11'7" x 29'9"
    18' x 20' 17'6" x 19'9"
    18' x 30' 17'6" x 29'9"
    18' x 40' 17'6" x 39'9"
    18' x 50' 17'6" x 49'9"
    24' x 30' 23'4" x 29'9"
    24' x 35' 23'4" x 34'9"
    24' x 40' 23'4" x 39'9"
    24' x 50' 23'4" x 49'9"
    24' x 60' 23'4" x 59'9"
    30' x 40' 29'3" x 39'9"
    30' x 50' 29'3" x 49'9"
    30' x 60' 29'3" x 59'9"
    40' x 60' 39'9" x 58'7"
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