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About Face: Benefits of Reversibility

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When picturing poly tarps, most people imagine the same thing: a bright blue tarp. Not only are polyethylene tarps available in far more colors, but oftentimes a single tarp is more than just one color. Many tarps are reversible: a different color on either side. What are the benefits of reversibility?


The most obvious advantage is the simple versatility of having two color options in a single product. Green tarps and brown tarps are both solid options if you want one that will blend into natural surroundings, but buying a tarp that is both colors gives you both options at once. Blue tarps may be an industry standard, but why not buy a tarp that is silver and blue?

Heat Deflection and Blocking

Tarps that are dark on one side and white on the other can keep things cool. Putting the white side facing the sun prevents the area or object beneath the tarp from heating up under the sun. A completely white tarp is far less effective at doing this because it allows more light, and thus heat, through the tarp. Whether the other side is black, brown, or some other dark color, the light and dark sides combine light deflection and light blocking to maximize the ability of the tarp to protect against the heat of the sun.

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