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Camouflage Tarps: The Hidden Gem

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

From fashionable clothing and accessories to vehicles, camouflage is a popular visual theme. But it's practical use is best seen in outdoor gear, such as the hunting and camping essential: tarps. In situations where you will need a tarp anyway, it's quite common to want one that will blend in with the surroundings. While this can be accomplished to a degree with brown or green tarps, this is exactly what camouflage is designed for.


There is only one way to produce a camouflage tarp. You must begin with a solid-color tarp, and then you print the additional colors onto the surface, creating a multi-color pattern. While it's technically possible to print a camo pattern on both sides of a tarp, most manufacturers leave one side a solid color, making the tarp reversible.


  • Quality: Camouflage tarps are available in materials of varying quality. Some are a thicker, heavier weight, an investment in reusability. Some are thin and lightweight, more portable for outdoor adventures but also more disposable.

  • Attachments: You will need some way to secure your tarp. As with most tarps, the choice generally comes down to grommets versus D-rings.

  • Colors: Different environments may demand different colors. A green camo design will blend well in a wooded area, but it will stand out in a desert.

  • Additional Features: There are a variety of features that add to the durability or versatility of a tarp, such as corner reinforcement, reinforced grommets or D-rings, rope in the hem, flame retardant additive, or UV inhibitor additive.


Whatever form your next outdoor adventure may take -- camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or something else -- consider bringing a camouflage tarp with the rest of your gear. Whether you truly need to blend in with your environment or simply want a bit of flair to show off your outdoorsy personality, camo can be the right choice.

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