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Extend Your Tarp's Longevity

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When you buy specialty tarps, you usually don't want to have to replace it often. There are some key things you can do to keep them around longer.

Invest in Quality

If you're buying a specialty tarp, you should consider buying one of a higher quality. That will give you greater longevity from the start. The rest of these tips will be far more effective when the tarp you're using is already high quality.

Don't Overuse the Tarps

When you purchase a specialty tarp for a particular purpose, you shouldn't also use it in the place of a standard tarp. That's unnecessary wear and tear, as well as UV exposure, for the product. Instead, use a standard tarp for that, and keep the specialty tarp stored until you require it for the purpose it's intended for.

Put the Tarps Away Dry

While keeping things and/or people dry is a primary function of many tarps, you should never put any tarp away wet. Before folding and storing a tarp, allow it to dry. Finish with a towel if necessary.

Don't Overclean Them

If your specialty tarps require cleaning, be gentle. While you should avoid using detergents on canvas tarps (as they can affect the water-resistance treatment), they are fine to use on most specialty tarps. However, take care not to use abrasives on any tarp.

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