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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Some people just love camo. The market has certainly responded to the popularity of this stealthy pattern! Today you can find endless products featuring camouflage⁠—luggage, backpacks, purses, wall art, teddy bears, and more⁠—as well as products in the obvious categories: clothing, sporting goods, and outdoor gear. In many cases, the desire for this pattern is purely an aesthetic choice. It's quite the cultural phenomenon, in fact. But there are several practical reasons why someone might want a tarp with a camouflage pattern.


Whether you're setting up a duck blind at the edge of a lake or a deer blind up in a tree, a camouflage tarp can be very helpful in disguising your setup. Also, if you need a tarp above your blind in order to keep dry, a camo tarp will blend in with foliage much better than a brightly colored tarp.

Semi-Urban Camping

People who live in tents often need to keep a low profile for their own safety and to protect their belonging. Camouflage tarps can help them remain covert if they set up camp in an area that's at least partially wooded. In a pinch, a tarp can even be used as a makeshift tent, and a camouflaged tent tarp is more likely to be a hidden tarp tent.

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