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Why You May Want A Canvas Tarp

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Canvas tarps are a reliable choice for many reasons. From flexibility to durability, these tarps have a variety of characteristics that make them a desirable option. It is essential, however, to consider a variety of factors when choosing a tarp to purchase.

No matter the reason why you're buying a tarp, you should consider investing in quality products. Consider factors like whether the material is waterproof or water resistant, the grade of the material, the cost of maintenance, and more. Characteristics like these should be a part of selecting the best tarp for your situation.

Maintenance is one crucial factor that shouldn't be ignored. After all, when it comes to canvas tarps, a little bit of extra care is necessary to keep it in a usable condition. Canvas tarps can be a great option, but you will want to be mindful of how you care for the product.

Features of Canvas


Canvas material remains breathable even after it's been treated to be water resistant. There is some airflow between the cotton or polyester fibers. This can be incredibly beneficial, as it can allow airborne moisture beneath the tarp to pass through the material and evaporate rather than forming condensation and wetting whatever is covered by the material. This makes canvas ideal for anything susceptible to moisture or rust.

Environmentally Friendly

Most canvas tarps are a more eco-friendly option than the alternatives. For example, cotton canvas tarps are made from a renewable resource, while plastic and vinyl tarps are not. In addition, cotton canvas is biodegradable. The impact of polyester canvas depends on whether it is natural polyester or synthetic polyester.


Canvas tarps are quite versatile. They can be a great option for agricultural applications, for transportation and storage of industrial materials, for covering stacks of firewood, and more.

Ease of Use

Canvas is quite slip-resistant compared to polyethylene, vinyl, or nylon, which makes it fairly easy to handle. It's also relatively heavy compared to alternatives, so it is less likely to be blown away in a strong wind.


There are many reasons why canvas may be a great option for you. It is important to choose a reputable manufacturer before you invest in a canvas tarp. The difference in quality from one brand to the next can be quite drastic.

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