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Homeowners Should Keep a Tarp On-Hand

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When homeowners have a tarp on-hand, they will find that they frequently have reasons to use it. Not only that -- it's better to buy one before it's needed than be caught with an urgent need without one. There are many ways that a tarp can be useful for a homeowner.

Covering Equipment

If you've ever had power tools, lawn furniture, sports equipment, or other gear outside when a sudden downpour began, you know how convenient it is to throw a tarp over your things until you have the chance to bring them in from the weather.


If you have plants that need low or indirect light, it can help to put up a mesh tarp. Or even a standard tarp! Placing a tarp directly over a weedy area can help kill the weeds prior to pulling them. And if you're working with debris, such as fallen leaves or pulled weeds, try putting them on a drawstring tarp, so hauling the debris will be much easier.

Surface Protection

If you need to store something that could create a mess, consider putting it on a tarp instead of directly on your floor. A perfect tarp for this purpose is one that has upright sides, to contain the mess.

Covering a Pickup Load

If you need to haul something in your pickup, and the rain is coming down, you don't want to run to the store to buy a tarp first. It's much more convenient to already have a truck tarp on hand.

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