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Protect What You're Hauling

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Everyone who owns a pickup has needed to haul something in it at least once, even if it was helping a friend move -- and you know that they're going to ask if they know you own a pickup! So what are the best ways to protect what you've got in the pickup bed as you're driving down the road?

  • Secure large items with rubber tarp straps or ratchet straps -- before putting a tarp over them. If these were to shift in transit beneath a tarp cover, they could damage the tarp and allow rain and road dust through.

  • Cover the load with a truck tarp or another appropriately heavy duty tarp. If you're going highway speeds for extended periods, consider investing in a vinyl tarp.

  • Use a tarp of appropriate size. If it's too small, it won't adequately protect your load. If it's too large, it will be difficult to secure it properly.

  • Secure the tarp in place with rubber tarp straps to prevent wind whipping, which will destroy a tarp. You don't want to use anything rigid though, like rope. This can lead to the tarp ripping as wind pulls at the unflexing rope.

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