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The Easier Way to Clean Up Fallen Leaves

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Autumn is a time of both beauty and inconvenience for homeowners. The stunning colorful view of fall foliage colors of autumnal leaves is all too soon followed by those leaves carpeting the ground. That is why a drawstring tarp is an ideal fall purchase.

Gathering & Transporting Leaves

Also known as a yard tarp, this type of tarp makes clearing out a pile of leaves a cinch! Just rake the leaves directly onto the tarp, pull the tarp closed into a bag using the drawstring in the outer edge, and haul the debris wherever you need to take it.

Instead of a disposable bag, which is an unnecessary instance of single-use plastic, take advantage of the reusability of this tarp! Whether you need to put the leaves in a yard debris can or drive it to a disposal facility, once you empty the tarp of the leaves, it's ready to either be used immediately or cleaned and put away.

Protecting Patio Furniture

When covering moderately sized outdoor items, such as barbecue grills, patio furniture, and outdoor play equipment, it can be difficult to secure a tarp to the item, even when using rubber tarp straps. But a drawstring tarp, or yard tarp, can be pulled over the top of an item and cinched into place, without the need of strapping.

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