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The Most Versatile Tarp

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Many may still be unfamiliar with the somewhat ambiguous term "yard tarp." It's a very useful and truly ingenious style of tarp that is also known by the more descriptive term "drawstring tarp." But what is it, and what makes it so handy?

Put simply, a yard tarp is a tarpaulin with a drawstring in the hem, allowing the user to cinch it closed around objects like a bag or a fitted cover.

Uses and Benefits of a Yard Tarp

There are two broad categories of yard tarp usage, and there are clear advantages to both.

As a Yard Debris Bag

  • With a typical yard debris bag, you need to get the material off the ground and up into the mouth of the bag. But a yard tarp lays flat on the ground before it is cinched closed, so you can rake debris directly onto it.

  • A yard tarp is far more durable than a yard debris bag. Like any poly tarp, it is made with woven HDPE coated in an LDPE laminate on both sides. Yard debris bags are typically made from a single layer of extruded LDPE or HDPE film.

  • Yard tarps are inherently reusable. Buying drawstring tarps instead of disposable yard debris bags is a very cost effective choice.

As a Cover for Outdoor Equipment

  • Some pieces of outdoor equipment, like a barbecue grill, are sold with a fitted cover to protect them from the elements. Many others, like patio furniture, are not. A yard tard can cover these pieces of equipment efficiently, cinching around the base.

  • Covering outdoor equipment with a standard tarp requires accessories to secure the tarp, especially in windy weather. Generally this would be accomplished with rubber tarp straps or weights, like sandbags. A yard tarp doesn't require any accessories to secure, just a cinched and tied-off drawstring.

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