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How Do I Get A Custom Tarp?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

In this modern era of online shopping, there is an incredibly wide variety of tarps available for sale. At times it feels that there is an infinite combination of material, color, shape, design, and size readily in stock somewhere on the internet. However, when you find yourself in need of a tarp that is a unique size or design, it quickly becomes apparent that the gargantuan number of options is not truly infinite. And this is where the commission of a custom tarp comes into play.


There are a number of material options that can be requested for a custom tarp.

  • Polyethylene: Poly tarps are typically available in multiple grades of material, from economy tarps to heavy duty tarps.

  • Canvas: Cotton or polyester canvas tarps are usually available in at least two fabric weights. It should be noted that the fabric weight may be listed in one or two ways: weight before treatment and/or weight after treatment.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl tarps are usually available in at least two material weights.

  • Mesh: A mesh tarp, or shadecloth, can be purchased in a variety of different "shade percentages." The lower the percentage, the less material, and the higher the percentage, the more material, will be present. For example, a mesh tarp that is listed as 70% shade is constructed of a material that blocks approximately 70% of the light that shines on it.


Vinyl tends to be available in more colors than other materials. If color is especially important to you, it may be the best material option.


Most readily available tarps are rectangular in shape. If another shape is needed, a custom tarp is almost always the necessary answer.


There are a number of design options that can be specified in ordering a custom tarp. Do you want a finished (hemmed) edge? Grommets or dee rings? How closely spaced do you want the grommets or dee rings? Should the hem be reinforced? What about reinforcing the grommets or dee rings? You could even have the corners reinforced instead.


One of the most common reasons for purchasing a custom tarp is the need for a unique size. When placing a custom order, you should know whether you are specifying a cut size or finish size.

  • Cut Size: The cut size of a tarp is the size that the material is cut to before creating the hem or joining multiple pieces with seams. A tarp ordered with a cut size will always be smaller once it is finished.

  • Finish Size: The finish size of a tarp is the dimensions of the product after all necessary hems and seams are accounted for. If you need a tarp of a very specific size, you should order with the finish size.

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