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The Tarp For Your Yard

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

A tarp, also known as a tarpaulin, is a sheet of natural or synthetic material that you can use for outdoor activities. They have a number of useful features, such as water resistance, heat resistance, strength, durability, flexibility, etc. You can even utilize a heavy duty tarp in harsh weather conditions without causing wear and tear. Polyurethane-coated polyester or polyethylene are some of the materials which are used in plastic tarp manufacturing, which adds to the durability of those products. One of the most versatile options currently available is a tarp with two names.

Yard Tarp a.k.a. Drawstring Tarp

While the term yard tarp is certainly evocative, it isn't quite as descriptive as drawstring tarp. Both of these terms actually refer to the same product, and both terms tell us something different about it.

Let's start with "drawstring tarp." This is a straightforward description of what sets these tarps apart from other tarp designs. The tarp isn't hemmed at the edges like other tarps. Instead, a wide sleeve is sewn into the edges. A rope runs through these sleeves, all around the tarp's perimeter. At each corner, the rope is exposed. At these points you can pull on the rope to cinch it closed like a bag. Thus, it is a drawstring tarp.

"Yard tarp," on the other hand, tells us where you could expect to get a lot of use out of this type of tarp. There are numerous ways to use a tarp with a drawstring feature, but the two most popular ways to use it are:

  • Yard Debris: Cleaning up fallen leaves and other debris can be a hassle. First you rake it into a pile, but then you have to transfer all of it into a bag in order to haul it away. But that awkward transfer is unnecessary if you raked the debris into a pile on top of a yard tarp. Once you're finished building your pile, you just cinch the tarp into a bag and you're good to go. Once the leaves or other debris are disposed of, you can reuse the tarp again and again.

  • Yard Equipment: Covering barbecue grills and lawn furniture can be frustrating. Usually when covering something with a tarp, you need rubber tarp straps -- and something to attach them to. Oftentimes the items in your yard that you wish to cover don't actually have any points to secure a strap to. In these situations, a drawstring tarp can be the ideal solution! Just pull the tarp over top the item, then cinch the drawstring tight. And just like that, your tarp is secured!

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