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No Ordinary Tarp

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Most people are familiar with standard tarps; they are rectangular in shape, they are a solid color (though possibly a different color on the opposite side), and they have a number of grommets or D-rings in the corners and on the sides. But what about non-standard tarps? What varieties are available? There are a number of specialty tarps available on the market.

Mesh Tarps

When people think "tarp," they usually think "waterproof." But a mesh tarp is far from that. There are many situations where one might find a mesh tarp useful. It can be used as a partial windscreen or sunshade in the yard. It can cover a load when you need something held in place with a breathable cover. It can be a privacy screen for a patio.

Camouflage Tarps

Another popular variety is the camouflage tarp. These are useful for numerous outdoor activities, including hunting, camping, fishing, and more. They are also far less visually disruptive in neighborhoods with strict HOA guidelines than a blue tarp.

Drawstring Tarps

An incredibly versatile option, a drawstring tarp, also known as a yard tarp, is a square tarp with a drawstring in the hem. It's handy as a reusable yard debris bag; conveniently lying flat on the ground while you rake onto it before cinching into a bag shape. It's also a very adaptable cover for various outdoor equipment.

Surface Protection Tarps

One relatively niche variety of tarp is the surface protection tarp. It's built with upright sides, to keep spills off of a surface. Some versions of this type of product have sides that are upright by default, while others have snaps or velcro that connect the corners to bring the sides up. These tarps can be useful in numerous applications: keeping the interior of your car clean while hauling messy items, keeping corrosive chemicals off of flooring in your home, keeping the surface of a table clean while working on a messy project, and many more.

Pallet Cover Tarps

Keeping a pallet dry and dust-free has long been the domain of flimsy pallet covers, made of a similar extruded plastic as trash bags, and they are similarly disposable. But now there's a more durable, and thus very reusable, alternative! Made of the same woven poly material as other plastic tarps, a pallet cover tarp is sewn into the shape of a pallet.

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